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February 9, 2016: The 12 year anniversary of Maura’s disappearance. This day was on everyone’s minds. The special two parter -episodes 23 and 24- focused on Tim and Lance’s participation in the community vigil and lodge meeting, where locals and visitors reflected on this baffling case. I always appreciate seeing their Youtube teaser clips. These particular episodes show John Smith leading passionate speeches, as scenic snow fell before the gatherers. In addition they perched comfortably in the lodge, collectively concerned and alert as if she vanished yesterday. From the old to the young the Woodsville residents were present. That was a sweet sight.

More justice was done with these clips and episodes than me just spontaneously showing up, hopping from state to state; sweltering heat to freezing temps. Vicariously you try to imagine the place as you use Google Maps searching for the blue ribbon – the creepy indicator. Googling Route 112 for the first time was actually chilling. Nothing but a gargantuan of greenery.

You couldn’t find a soul if you wanted to.

Screenshot 2016-03-01 at 12.13.30 PM


I want to give a special thanks to James Renner for recommending my blog on his blog. He was particularly fond of my Mean Girls meme, which demonstrates the Missing Maura Murray wackadoodleness. We are two months shy of True Crime Addict‘s release. Here’s what I think: the people will gobble it up. The book will sell fast. Hate or love the guy, people will undeniably speak about it. I imagine the response will be like those Harry Potter releases, where fanatics need to know what’s next going on with Hogwarts. People have been reading his blog for five years. His research and insight won’t go unnoticed. It’s sorta like the hatch from LOST.

What is in the thing???

Speaking of fanatics, I managed to make two grown men obsessed with this case; both who respectively host their own podcasts. A simple recommendation led down a titillating path. Jordan from The Night Time Podcast was scanning my blog, so I suggested he give MMM a good listen. He was instantly hooked, so much so the case became a Night Time episode. The Tim and Lance interview served as a cool bonus. Meanwhile, as a 20/20 episode highlighted Maura and Brooke Wilberger’s disappearances on the OWN network, I called The Captain from True Crime Garage. (True story). I always bring up the podcast to whoever I speak with. I suggested 20/20 as a basic starting point. Little did I know this man became so hooked, literally to the point of us having 2-3 hour long phone calls.

The guys hosted their second Spreecast livestream recently. John was supposed to make an appearance, sans technical issues. Clint Harting, the investigative journalist from the earlier shows, appeared with Renner. Tim is a great moderator by the way. Someone on Reddit said that he reminded him of Chris Harrison, the host of The Bachelor. He just might be a triple threat. Between the chat log and the guys speaking to one another, it was hard to simultaneously concentrate between those chambers. Anyways the morning after I received the post-Spreecast blues.

They basically went over scenarios and theories. Yes, the ATM footage should be released. Doing so would be benign. This isn’t the Amy Lord case where her bruised face was easily visible on ATM cameras, unless the authorities are withholding sensitive information. Somewhere between Psycho was brought up. The concept of Janet Leigh’s character surreptitiously hiding out connecting to Maura’s case never crossed my mind before. A death by misadventure as Renner likes to call it is absurd. This is why I’m open minded to all scenarios. Suicide is my least favorite; however, Harting believes this happened.

The depression angle is very realistic. Jordan from Night Time mentioned a morbid take in that she might have killed herself nearby, so that her family could not be burdened with finding her corpse back in Massachusetts. Speaking personally I know a few people who are depressed in my age bracket. I’m not immune from feeling down either. I still believe Maura wasn’t trying to die that freezing February night. She was getting away to clear her head or she decided to finally play by her own rules. Fuck everyone else. That’s the mentality behind her escape. She’s having coffee at Sherbrooke.

I wish that’s the case.

Episode 25 might be the funnest show to date which featured The Generation Why guys. As collective hosts of their own shows, they reflected on Maura’s case, along with the meat and potatoes of running crime podcasts. Justin didn’t foresee MMM going on for this long (me too). Spring just arrived. Summer is around the corner. The show literally premiered last July. No other podcast besides Serial has endowed such a special and spacious streak.

I sorta wish I could see the video of everyone cackling. Besides that hearing them speak off topic about mysteries was intriguing. From Coast to Coast to Twin Peaks, we need to speak about these alluring mysteries -murders, missing people, paranormal- because they affect us. My life shifted when Adnan’s case first played in my ears. I really wouldn’t be here without Serial, as well as Unsolved Mysteries, the Godfather of all true crime shows. The true crime community is the only community where I feel accepted.


Speaking of acceptance, I’m glad that Tim brought up Elisa Lam. Her death was one I wanted to bring up here previously. Her case parallels with Maura’s: two college students traveling by themselves far from home. One is dead and one is missing. One whose last known images are the most frightening footage on the internet; one whose wrecked car stayed etched in our brains. A fantastic Medium article about Elisa (‘American Horror Story‘) brought greater insight into her Cecil hotel stay. Her parents didn’t necessarily approve the west coast trip. The part I like is that she went ahead anyway –a bait ending up dead in a water tank. That’s no surprise that she got flack. As a young and petite female myself, my parents aren’t approving either. Us young daughters are prey. Perhaps the ramifications of traveling alone weren’t fully understood with Maura and Elisa.

Nothing prepares you for emergency.

The followers behind MMM, Gen Why, Criminal, Making A Murderer, and many more programs want to imitate what the makers are doing. Quit our boring 9 to 5’s. A paradigm shift is forming where these mediums are becoming the new platform to evidently solve mysteries. Regular people besides seasoned detectives are genuinely interested in breaking a case. Brainscratch from Youtube periodically highlights obscure missing person cases. The Vanished podcast discusses children and adults who disappeared from the 1990’s to today. Grateful Doe did get solved after all. Before MMM came along New England was barely in my radar. Now I wanna tour the place.

The north country is attractive more than ever.

Aside from getting so pulled into these stories is the fact that we see ourselves in the subjects. Whether you view yourself as the detective scrambling for clues or the missing person going through peril, we relate in some ways.

Do you identify with Maura?






7 thoughts on “The MMM Men

  1. Great post. I believe that the online community will solve this case. The mystery of Maura Murray’s disappearance has really picked up steam in the last few years. John Smith, a private investigator and former police officer raised some very interesting points in his recent video. I hope you do not mind me sharing it with you as it is definitely worth watching –


    1. Thanks Mark! Feel free to share anything related to the case. I’m to up to date everything Maura Murray, including passionate John Smith videos. Her disappearance definitely has picked up steam recently; without a doubt it is the internet’s most obsessed case.


  2. I’m actually really enjoying the podcast lately. I think if they constantly bring new guests on, it could preserve the longevity of it.

    Different perspectives is a good thing, I don’t agree with Renner at all but I still read his blog. Same with Smith, I don’t necessarily agree but between all the attention something is bound to come to light.


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