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I threw in my last entry the possibility of Maura’s disappearance involving suicide. I strongly believe she met foul play, ever since I saw Disappeared. Suicide is not a strong enough motive, which is why I indicate the theory as a possibility (very meager in my eyes).

Drunk. Car crash. No cell reception. Tipsy/disoriented. Walking alone in cold weather. Asks/accepts ride from a transient. Gone.

That’s the most plausible scenario.

Lance kinda feverishly points out a “local dirt bag” should have surfaced in the investigation- a calling card of sorts that may be hidden from the public. Immediately it made me strongly believe a transient is maliciously involved with Maura vanishing.

If she had called a friend prior to meeting at this mysterious and sudden drive, they would have come forward with information. Things don’t really seem to be suspicious; therefore I am to believe she wanted a solo trip, or was intending to call friends once she got to her destination.

Considering her activity before and during the road trip (gas, calling her boyfriend, emailing work staff), she was doing normal, responsible things to prepare for a big day ahead. I’ve done the same (minus buying alcohol) to let family know ahead I’m leaving for a road trip and stopping for sustenance.

I believe if Maura encountered a car crash, lost in foreign territory hundreds of miles away, she would have wanted to make her way back home. You’re not going to abandon your wrecked car then hitch a ride straight to paradise. The right thing is intending to contact the most important people in her life. Once during a three hour trip on I-75 -bordering Naples to Broward County- I was riding in the passenger seat of my sister’s purple Scion, along with my 2 year old niece in the back. In the middle of the day with storm clouds approaching, we noticed a small red entity ahead in our lane. We thought it was those nothings you drive over every so often (dead animal, bags, etc).

Seconds later the entity grew larger in close up and became intertwined with the bottom of the car. Pulling quickly to the curb we couldn’t drive any longer with this gas tank stuck beneath.

I was scared. This was in 2013, btw. I immediately texted my brother to let him know we were deserted –at least 2 hours away with very little cell reception. My sister and I became frustrated that some idiot intentionally or mistakenly dropped a tank in the middle of the highway. I suggested calling the police. My sweet niece in the back noticed the disturbance and began to cry for mommy, which made me even more nervous. Meanwhile not many cars were passing by. Luckily my sister rigorously poked the tank out with an umbrella. We were able to safely drive again.

This is the culprit right here.

We almost encountered a dangerous accident; Maura on the other hand did. There is no way she would have gone MIA under the conditions without calling family and friends. We are vulnerable young women capable of being hurt in the middle of these tricky circumstances. In 2004, people weren’t whipped with phones. Understandably I get why Maura would conceivably hitch a ride with a stranger.

The details regarding the alleged witnesses remain murky. A bus driver and neighbor remain as the only people who supposedly viewed the aftermath. Faith Westmen witnessed a flurry of activity from her kitchen window pertaining to a mysterious man smoking in the car, and other things happening with the trunk. She later recanted. Butch the bus driver wanted to help Maura but she supposedly rebuked the offer. Eyewitness testimony is deem worthy of being faulty. Faith retracting her statement brings in even more ambiguous insight. In my opinion, the most interesting activity was the BOLO alert sent out at 7:54 pm. In addition the guys point out a Red SUV was seen in the vicinity. Whatever happened on February 9 remains to be a mystery.

Accident crumbles down to disappearance.

The James Renner teaser reminds me of the Sarah Koenig psychopath dig in the final seconds of episode 10 of Serial. As any journalist, they try to undercover clues in their research. Going as far as attempting to decipher personality disorders. I’m not surprised that Renner “believes” Maura was a sociopath. He’s just trying to get into the mindset of a missing girl. I’m very eager to hear his reporting on the case.


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