Missing Maura Murray – the new Serial?

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That headline might be a hyperbole, but the significance behind the podcast of a cold case disappearance should push the envelope. Since the juggernaut success of Serial (80 million downloads, Peabody award winner, and a slew of comedy impersonations), the case behind Hae Min Lee’s murder became bigger than life. Even though Adnan Syed was convicted for life for Lee’s murder, people are doubting his participation in her death and the state’s case. These doubts have risen thanks to Serial and Undisclosed (a second podcast dedicated to uncovering and debunking information related to the Lee investigation).

In February 2004, Maura Murray vanished in New Hampshire after encountering a car crash. I already knew about Maura through an episode of Disappeared. Even a couple of podcasts have covered the case. Just this morning, a syndicated episode of 20/20 on ID dedicated a segment on her disappearance. (Interesting timing)

I believe Missing Maura Murray is a brilliant approach in bringing awareness to her case. Immediately when you hear the first few seconds, the search and story is personal. A personal reminder of family and friends longing for answers in a disappearance spanning 11 years. That longing may very well happen with listeners. Podcasts have the intimate ability of making a story reach through imagination.


This can very well be the new wave in breaking news. Gone are the days of calling Unsolved Mysteries with information on a suspect or lost loved one; getting results within minutes of a telecast. The internet is a vast medium. Answers may not come fast but discussion will spew wide interest in Maura’s case. Much like Serial, this podcast was sprung from ordinary people -not the New Hampshire cold case division (if one exists) honing in on the public.

In this modern age, anyone has the ability to tell a unknown story from scratch. Junction, the podcast penned by a young 20 something about a Colorado mass murder in 1975. Breakdown is an Atlanta Journal Constitution podcast series about the possible wrongful conviction of Justin Chapman. All of these podcasts don’t possess the peril of possibility innocent people and important information left in the shadows, not to be ever discovered. They exist to bring momentum.

I will follow Missing Maura Murray intently. Her tale is one of a million missing person cases in America. Unique but heartbreaking to many families searching for truth.

Hope is real.



7 thoughts on “Missing Maura Murray – the new Serial?

  1. This podcast is a mess of speculation, without any real objective. It’s like two friends had some beers together and started a mindless discussion. I’m holding out hope for the documentary but I have a feeling it’s going to be them sticking to the idea she’s hiding in Canada, without giving thought to other, more plausible scenarios.


    1. I’m a real fan of the podcast. If you wanna talk friends having a mindless convo, try listening to Serially Obsessed. Now those girls sound like they’re giving mindless girl talk, cackling with little info on the pod.

      I’m just listening with whatever the guys present us. In my entries I have even presented different scenarios that seem plausible. So for me, Maura’s disappearance can lead in any direction. Personally I believe foul play happened, but I’m also starting to glean into her running away.

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